Ways to lose weight without exercising

The battle to lose weight has many fronts and almost all of them are very tough and difficult, involving sacrificed diets and a lot of exercise. But there are other ways that can help us lose weight gradually without much effort. Let’s know 8 ways to lose weight without exercising.

With this article, we do not intend to indicate that physical activity and exercise routines should be avoided to achieve weight loss, but we are mentioning which are the factors that allow weight loss that are not linked to exercise and many times, we do not know them or we misuse.

Ways to lose weight without exercising

Dim the Lights:
A recent study found that many eating habits are related to the intensity of the light; the people tested in this study consumed more calories with the brightest lights, while those with dim lights consumed fewer calories. Scholars agree that strong fluorescent lights encourage you to overeat.

Drink from straight glasses:
Although it sounds strange, a study found that people who drink from curvy glasses drink up to 60% more alcohol, juices and sugary drinks (soda and energy), than those who drink from straight glasses. Apparently, the shape of the glass invites the subconscious to continue drinking.

Sleeping more (the necessary hours):
It is no secret that sleeping habits affect our diet. A recent study found that people who slept as little as 6 hours consumed more than 500 calories a day than those who slept 8 hours. Lack of sleep increases the levels of ghrelin, known as the appetite hormone.

More ways to lose weight without exercising

Do not say „I cannot“:
Although it sounds contradictory to say that we do not want to eat will make us eat more than necessary. A recent study found that 64% of the „can’t“ end up eating. If you see eating as a punishment and say you can’t, you will most likely end up eating something that is unhealthy.

Do not think as „skinny“:
When we start a diet to lose weight, we almost always think about being overweight and that we are fat. The psychologist explains that mentality plays a very important role in our diet and that if we think like skinny, we predispose ourselves to be.

Do not look at the sugar
They say that food enters through the eyes, and it is true. There are already several studies that establish that if we observe food, we do a kind of brain scan that encourages us to eat more. However, if we avoid seeing appetizing foods (even in photography), we will be less vulnerable to cravings. Here the phrase would fit: „Eyes that do not see, stomach that does not feel.“

Drink water:
This is another of the most popular tricks to avoid eating more than necessary. Drinking water before each meal will give us the feeling of satisfaction, but what is better will prevent us from eating foods rich in fat. Proper ways to drink water.

Not thinking about food:
If we fantasize about food and think about what we are going to have lunch, the only thing we will achieve is to awaken the ghrelin hormone (appetite hormone), which will undoubtedly make us eat much more. Avoid thinking about food and what you are going to eat, you can work on your self-esteem, or focus on the goals you want to achieve to get your mind focused on something other than food.

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