5 ways to speed up your metabolism

Does your metabolism seem to be in slow motion or do you have a slow metabolism? It convinces your body to burn calories more efficiently without requiring daily spinning sessions or hours lifting weights, simply by accelerating the metabolism naturally.

Learn how to speed up your metabolism

Perhaps by adding an ingredient to your daily diet, you can get your metabolism up to speed in no time. And that is proven by science. Check out some ways how to do it:

1. Drink water before eating

Two glasses of water before each meal helps a diet to lose an average of 8 kilos (two pounds more than those who do not drink water) for three months, according to a study.

Good hydration throughout the day also helps speed up your metabolism. Research shows that staying hydrated helps you have a sense of energy. Try to drink half your body weight in fluid ounces, a 150-pound person should drink 2.2 liters of water per day.

2. Consume whey protein in the form of a vitamin

When you’re mixing fruits, ice, and other ingredients in a blender, take advantage of adding another metabolism-boosting item: whey protein.

Many are those who claim that protein helps to increase the burning of calories and because it uses fat, it helps the body to keep you in a lean form in your body mass, it is also recommended to help the brain feel satiated.

All kinds of protein speed up the metabolism to have a thermogenic effect, that is, it helps your body produce more heat and therefore you burn more calories. Whey protein is probably more effective than meat-based protein.

3. Choose organic vegetables and fruits

At the grocery store, go down the organic produce aisle. Pesticides are conventionally found in the production of fruits and vegetables, called „obese“, are responsible for slowing down the metabolism and lead some people to gain weight. Some of the most important causes of resistance to weight loss is toxicity. „Obtain organic goods whenever possible and choose the cleanest and highest quality cuts of meat.“

4. One bite at a time

Although there is no direct relationship to metabolism, eating too fast increases the chances that we will overeat, says a study. Another study indicated that, even among non-dieting women, reducing stress can prevent weight gain and help speed up metabolism.

It takes about 20 minutes for the hormone cholecystokinin to stimulate the brain to stop eating. „When you consume a hamburger with potatoes, you don’t allow time to carry the message to the brain and you end up eating more than necessary.“ Similarly, eating in a hurry increases levels of insulin, a hormone linked to the accumulation of fat. “ Just as important as eating well is eating more slowly and being aware of the food law.“

5. Disconnect from devices like phone

Exposure to blue light from computers, smartphones and tablets immediately before and after dinner increased hunger and impacted glucose metabolism in people who participated in a small study.

The authors are not sure why this relationship and say that further research is necessary, but the relationship between bluish light and poor appetite is still established, other research indicates that avoiding distractions during meals helps to control portion sizes which helps to speed up metabolism.


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