Guarani tea to achieve slimming effects

In such a busy world, it is not so easy to find a method that fits into our routine and allows us to lose weight effectively and safely. Therefore, if you are looking to lose weight without so many complications, guarani tea is your best option. Of course, you must take into consideration some indications that in this post we will show you precisely. Similarly, in this article we show you how to use guarani tea to lose weight.

Guarani tea properties

Guarani tea, native to South America, is especially used as an exceptional laxative, which makes it a powerful tool for losing weightexpelling excess fluids from the body and eliminating fat along with all stagnant fecal matter. Its ingredients based on select herbs make it a special tea for all types of organism.

How to drink guaraní tea?

Although there are different methods of consuming guarani tea, it is best to follow a balanced diet and exercise program. Exercises such as walking in the morning, jogging a little or jumping rope, are the best combination together with this extraordinary slimming teaGuarani tea should be consumed twice a day. One cup on an empty stomach and the second cup in the evening after dinner.

For how long can guaraní tea be taken?

There is a treatment called guarani tea 30-day plan, which, as its name implies, is aplan so that in 30 days you lose weight. It is best to follow this monthly schedule and stop it. At the end of a month drinking the tea, it is best to make an evaluation of the benefits you have obtained and consult with your doctor if you can continue consuming it for one or two more months.

Guaraní tea comes in 60 sachets. Use one tea bag for every cup of hot waterLet it steep for about 5 minutes and serve without milk or sweeteners, allowing the body to fully absorb the properties of the tea.

How many kilos are lost?

In testimony of some patients, it was indicated that they lost 1 kilogram in 2 days by consuming guaraní tea. It should be noted that each organism responds differently, which tells us that you can effectively lose 1 kilo inter-daily, perhaps more or perhaps less.

What does guarani tea contain?

Guaraní tea was created by the Guaraní indigenous people, as a special remedy for stomach problems, intoxications and as a great anti-inflammatory. Its main ingredients are Sen (Cassia angustifolia) which is an excellent laxative and diuretic, and Boldo (Pneumus boldo) an excellent anti-inflammatory.

Thanks to this extraordinary combination, guarani tea allows toxins to be expelled from the body more quickly. Guarani tea is an excellent tool to lose weight quickly and healthily.

What should you keep in mind?

It is important to note that pregnant or lactating women should not take any type of laxative without the supervision of a doctor. Why? The properties of tea in the case of the mother, are sent to her baby through the umbilical cord or milk, which would bring some side effects.

Similarly, as a precautionary measure, it is not recommended for children under 12 years of age, since it can bring side effects that they may not tolerate as an adult would.

On the other hand, if you suffer from any intestinal inflammationfrequent stomach painsvomiting and constant nausea, its consumption is not recommended. Consult your doctor first before proceeding with any diet or treatment. This product should be kept in a cool, dry place and out of the reach of children.

All these indications are necessary for an adequate control of tea consumptionWe do not want to tell you that it is dangerous, far from it, only that it is essential to reinforce its consumption with a good training routine and constant monitoring with your nutritionist. If you do so, we are sure that guarani tea will help you achieve great effects in your quest to lose weight quickly.


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