Green drinks that help burn fat

The diets to reduce weight from a combination of properties that help to nourish the body and to the same time discarded lipids (fat molecules) adhering to the fat tissue. Several of these diets are based on green drinks that help burn fat and avoid unwanted overweight.

Nutritionists also recommend it for its high content of vitamins and antioxidants. It is estimated that the rhythm of life has caused the reduction of organic food by 35% and it has been replaced by synthetic food. As they are chemically altered products, they cause hormonal alterations that harm the body and must be eliminated.

Green drinks that help burn fat

It is for this and other reasons that green drinks based on natural products help you lose weight. Their effect is not focused on an induced chain reaction, but rather, they cause the natural functioning of the digestive system which in turn absorbs essential nutrients without altering their benefits.

Nopal, celery, pineapple, grapefruit and honey juice

If these ingredients are mixed in a single green drink, the result will be beneficial for the body in general. The nopal and the rest of fruits provide a quantity of fibers that help the digestive system to avoid the deliberate absorption of trans fats and toxins. In short, it could be considered a natural diuretic .

The shake only requires a glass of 400 ml of water, pieces of the fruits in question and beat them well. It should be taken before breakfast five consecutive days. To avoid excess fiber, you can stop taking it for a week and then return to the diet. If the body assimilates it properly, it can continue for several weeks, its effects are imminent.

Kiwi combined with spinach and lettuce

If you are talking about green drinks that help you burn fat, this is one of the best options. Combining these three natural products is not only delicious, but their high fiber content helps to eliminate excess fat. In addition, their combination provides chlorophyll and antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals.

Its diuretic properties accelerate the process of burning fat, its constant intake accelerates the process of burning fat and reducing sizes. Another benefit of this green kiwi, spinach and lettuce juice is that it improves digestive problems and relieves stress.

In the blender glass, place the peeled kiwi, add five spinach leaves, a tablespoon of honey, three lettuce leaves and a glass of boiling water. Everything is mixed perfectly and strained until you can drink it without residue. This green drink should be taken at least three times a week on an empty stomach.

Super powerful green juice to burn fat

Like the two previous options, this green juice helps to burn fat progressively. It should be consumed in the morning before breakfast for at least ten days. This combination contains a large amount of vitamins C and B6, folic acid, fiber, omega -3s, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Its preparation requires seven spinach leaves, a chopped apple, a celery stalk, half a cup of parsley, half a glass of lemon and half a cucumber. All these ingredients must be blended until completely blended, then consumed for ten days. If the body does not recent its daily consumption, then it must be consumed for another ten days.

Recommendations when ingesting green drinks that help burn fat

  • Consume gradually and following at least a single amount per day.
  • Avoid excesses, in some occasions the villi of the intestine are produced by the excess of fiber that fruits contain.
  • Take rest periods, try to leave a few days between each green drink.
  • Progress in burning fat depends on how well each shake is made, the quality of the product, and the persistence with which each green fat-burning drink is ingested.

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