Yerba mate helps you lose weight

Mate is considered an infusion of herbs and is also known by the name of “ Jesuit tea and Paraguayan tea.“ It occurs in mountainous areas and the previously dried leaves are cut and ground to form the mate herb. Its taste is bitter so many people sweeten it with honey, sugar or sweeteners such as stevia. If your goal is to lose weight, you should use it without sweeteners and take it „bitter“, as they say to mate without sugar.
Did you know that yerba mate tea can not only promote weight loss, but also ensure fat burning? Intrigued, right? Read on and find out how this amazing South American tea recipe can help you lose weight and provide certain special health benefits for your body.
Here, we are going to take a look at tea or mate with yerba mate, how it promotes weight loss, its uses, and possible side effects.

What is Yerba Mate?

Yerba mate tea, commonly known as yerba mate, is typically made using yerba mate bushes. These shrubs are found in all tropical regions and many other parts of South America. Yerba mate is very popular and consumed in large quantities mainly in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. This is traditionally drunk using a bulb and a container (named after the herb) and can be drunk either hot or cold.

Yerba mate helps you lose weight.

Yerba mate has many health properties. Perhaps the most interesting one that people seem to be talking about all the time is its effectiveness in treating weight loss.

1. Stimulating:

The yerba mate has stimulant properties, which help digestion shoot. This property makes it an effective weight loss tool. Yerba mate contains mateine, a chemical that shares many of its desirable properties with caffeine. Mateine ​​is quite useful and helps to increase metabolism and energy, which in turn help to increase the frequency of the fat burning process.

2. Soothing:

Yerba mate has strong relaxing properties that can help calm your emotions. Yerba mate contains more theobromine and theophylline than tea or coffee. This is why yerba mate tea is an effective relaxant. This property makes yerba mate a good cure for „eating stress“, a common condition where you tend to eat more than usual due to stress. This relaxing effect also helps reduce junk food cravings.

3. Anti-Obesity Effect:

Aside from its naturally stimulating and relaxing property, yerba mate tea slows the rate of gastric emptying, making you feel full for longer and less prone to overeating. Some studies have concluded that yerba mate has a different anti-obesity effect.
Yerba mate also helps restrict lactic acid build-up in muscles . Delaying this appearance can help you maintain your energy levels longer, and in turn increase the body’s fat-burning capacity.

More properties of yerba mate.

In addition to its fat-burning properties and its use for weight loss , yerba mate tea has other health benefits that make it the healthiest, smartest, and most convenient option besides tea or coffee.
Like green tea, coffee or chocolate, mate is a stimulant that contains caffeine, initially its consumers believed that it had a stimulant similar to caffeine which they called mateine. It is prepared in water, resulting in a digestive, purifying infusion, with antioxidant capacity that regulates liver function and also has stimulating effects on the heart and prevents headaches.
The moderate consumption of yerba mate eliminates physical and mental fatigue, in excess it has the same consequences as coffee, some of them may be insomnia, reduced appetite, and hyperactivity.

Antioxidant effect.

Yerba mate is very rich in antioxidants, which makes it very effective in combating oxidative stress, pigmentation, improves skin health, and even purges the body of dangerous free radicals.

Improves oxygenation of the blood.

As already mentioned, yerba mate contains high levels of theobromine and theophylline. Theophylline generally dilates the bronchial tubes and facilitates better oxygenation in the blood.


Studies on yerba mate have shown its effectiveness in suppressing and curing signs of inflammation. This makes it an ideal remedy for bronchitis, rheumatism, and other inflammatory diseases.

How to drink mate (Drink mate)?

The yerba mate prepared in a mate is a pre-Columbian drink consumed by the Guarani indigenous people and by the other peoples who traded with them, for that reason the peoples of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and part of Brazil were influenced, where you can see people “ drinking mate “ at all hours of the day. In those countries there are variations of the plant, they ingest others but they are from the same family.
Tradition dictates that it should be drunk hot in a container called mate and drunk with a light bulb. It is common to see people on the street in the squares or drivers drinking mate in a public way, which is considered as having a mate.
In South America it is a highly appreciated drink today and taken daily by millions of people. They prepare it with many variables in the style of Cold tea in the form of a refreshing and energetic drink.
We can find it all over the world in specialized establishments and even in supermarkets in countries with important Latin colonies. If you have not taken it, it is time to get to know this healthy drink that together with Chocolate, coffee and tea wake up the world in the morning, help to withstand the cold and give courage and strength in the afternoons to finish relaxing before going to sleep.

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