Thermogenic to burn fat, do they really work?

The thermogenic, also known as fat burners are supplements that are responsible for increasing the metabolism of people making fat accumulated in the body burn easily, even without having to perform an exercise routine.

Most of these tablets are made from certain stimulant substances such as caffeine and green tea.

How do thermogenic work?

These fat-burning products cause an effect in the body, which is called thermogenesis, this consists of making the body heat greater than what it produces regularly. The thermogenic supplements also responsible for androgen receptors stimulate beta cells, thus permitting an increase of excitability thereof.

With respect to adipocytes, the stimulation given to these receptors greatly enhances the increase in lipolysis, at the same time increasing the release of fatty acids found in the bloodstream that are used by other cells as a source of Energy.

Benefits of thermogenic fat burners

These products have many advantages for those who want to eliminate as much fat as possible from their body, either because they want to look better physically or because they lead an athletic life. Some of these benefits are:

  • Increased energy, which allows you to perform workouts more effectively.
  • By raising metabolism, it also helps muscle toning.
  • It contributes to increase thermogenesis, eliminating accumulated fat.

Side effects of using thermogenic

The fat burners are definitely the most popular way to lose weight, however thermogenic can be harmful to the health of those who consume them. Some of the side effects that can be produced are:

  • Anxiety: The vast majority of these supplements increase levels of cortisol, known as the stress hormone, resulting in a feeling of constant and uncontrollable anxiety.
  • Insomnia: almost all thermogenic foods have ephedrine and caffeine, these increase the heart rate and metabolism, which negatively influences sleep.
  • Dehydration: if they are used in hot climates or while doing an exercise routine, they can cause a rather alarming dehydration in the body.

What are the best thermogenic?

Although there are many thermogenic supplements with which you can obtain very good results, it is best to always opt for what is healthiest for the body. Natural fat burning thermogenic do not contain substances that are not derived from ephedrine.

These natural supplements include the following:

  • Green tea: the polyphenols that it has are responsible for accelerating the combustion of fats, they also have an antioxidant action, which prevents the oxidation of fat from occurring.
  • Red tea: contains caffeine and theophylline which increase the combustion of adipose tissues.
  • Guaraná: it is a plant that contains tannins and also caffeine, these are responsible for promoting the combustion of fatty tissues, causing it to reduce rapidly.
  • Coconut oil: due to the  high content of medium chain fatty acids that coconut has, this speeds up the metabolism. It is an easy to digest food and contributes to the elimination of fat from the body.
  • Ginger: Ginger has a component that is a natural anti-inflammatory, called gingerol.  Ginger helps in the reduction of body weight causing an increase in thermogenesis, helping to increase basal metabolism.
  • Chili peppers or hot pepper: The capsaicin present in chili peppers and which gives it its spicy flavor, contributes to thermogenesis, helping with the oxidation of fats and the increase in metabolism. This substance also has a positive effect on good mood.

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