The worst tips for losing weight

There are many myths when talking about a strategic plan to lose weight or lose weight. They have put together what are the 10 worst tips to give when you want to lose weight.

The worst tips for losing weight

On the subject of weight loss, a lot is said, it is understood a little but it confuses all readers too much, especially since there is no absolute truth as there is no unique health and each body requires different attention. This is one of the main reasons why the topic of losing weight can be so complex to tackle.

1. You should not eat all the time

However, and contrary to what is believed, eating small portions more frequently can be an option to control hunger, but knowing how to choose the right foods is essential.  For example, fruits (not all), nuts and Greek yogurt (among many other good foods to lose weight) can help you maintain adequate energy levels the rest of the day.

2. Fat makes you fat

You need to understand that not all types of fat are the same or have the same nutritional value. To cite an example, cookies are a great source of fat and together with fatty foods all this can increase cholesterol and increase the risk of suffering from certain diseases, however if there are good ones such as the fat found in avocado, walnuts and salmon, which help promote general health and protect our hearts. So much so that when they are combined with a healthy diet, fats are able to prevent weight gain and not as is believed.

3. Watch your calories

Something else that needs to be understood from the root is that not all calories are the same. Let’s go to a more common example, the calories present in the apple will cause a different internal reaction to the same number of calories consumed in a cheesecake. The highest quality calories are present in spinach, for example, since they are rich in nutrients. Calories that do not contain any nutrients – also known as „empty“ calories – are like those found in potato chips.

4. Increase protein

Consuming too much protein is not ideal for achieving healthy weight loss. The body needs three macronutrients to be able to work in optimal conditions, these are fats, proteins and carbohydrates. When we eat only protein, you are making your body lose the possibility of obtaining fiber along with other antioxidants found in healthy carbohydrates such as fruits, whole grains and vegetables.

It is also a non-recommended practice because you can end up eating extra fat, which can be detrimental to your heart health. leading to an increase in cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

5. Out of the carbs

Research on carbohydrate intake is often misinterpreted, some experts claim. There is no research to suggest that healthy carbohydrates, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, or legumes, can negatively affect weight gain. Rather, many studies suggest a diet rich in these plant-based foods is associated with better overall health.

6. Gluten-free foods lose weight

There is no scientific evidence that gluten is a fattening ingredient. The problem is that we eat too many refined grains – foods made from white flour and other refined grains. And cutting out gluten without checking with your doctor first can lead to important nutrient deficiencies, such as fiber, iron, vitamin B12, and magnesium.

7. On burning calories

Playing sports or exercising with or without food on the stomach does not affect calorie burning, but skipping meals before gymnastics could result in muscle loss, according to a study. Before training, instead of a sports drink, choose to consume natural fruits, such as bananas, peaches and mangoes.

8. It is advisable to eat every two hours

Going four or five (or even eight) hours without eating between daily meals will not slow down your metabolism. „Eating more often can help prevent hunger, but if you want to do this, you have to keep meals in very small portions.“ „Otherwise, eating every two hours could lead to consuming too many calories throughout the day.“

9. Weekends shouldn’t affect your diet

Relaxing on the weekends could compromise the success of the entire week. If you lose half a kilo between Monday and Friday, you could gain it again between Saturday and Sunday. If you are trying to lose weight, weekends are also part of the diet. Some suggestions: avoid eating breads and limit alcohol consumption to a cocktail.

10. Stay away from junk foods

It is common sense to understand that it is not good for your weight loss plan to eat a pizza with some fries and then finish with a chocolate cake, however it is possible to enjoy these foods if you plan them very well (and if your health conditions allow it). According to research, it was found that moderate consumption of certain forbidden foods can keep you away from bingeing. You must carry these plans with common sense, but without living stressed with the prohibitions.

Other myths when it comes to losing weight

Weight loss myths are very common among people who are undertaking this task or those who are not really prepared about it but claim that they are. It is important to consider this type of information so that our health is not affected by one of these myths about losing weight.

  • A diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates is best for weight loss. It is a false statement because balanced diets in which all nutrients participate should always be advocated.
  • Eating a few times, a day helps you lose weight. This is false, in reality what you should look for is to keep your metabolism active, so the more you eat, respecting the rhythm of metabolism and in small amounts, the better it will be.
  • What you eat at night is going to turn into fat. When a little more food is left for dinner it is likely that everything ends up being fat. Now, if you eat in small amounts during the day, there is no reason to do so.
  • The more you exercise, the more you lose weight. With sport the metabolism is accelerated, burning more calories. If you don’t follow a healthy diet, you won’t lose weight just by going to the gym.
  • The green tea and red burn fat. It is correct because both are two useful infusions to lose weight, do not hesitate to go to them.
  • Age should not be taken into account for a diet. It is incorrect because according to the age you have, you will have to consider the type of diet and daily routine.
  • The rebound effect in express diets. Those diets in which you do not eat well because you are looking for quick results, it is normal that after finishing them you gain a few kilos. Keep in mind that these diets only mess up your metabolism.
  • Light foods lose weight. It is false because in reality these types of products reduce the amount of sugar or calories, but despite this they will keep a good amount of them.
  • Starving is necessary to lose weight. It is not correct because the most appropriate thing is to go to a balanced diet, an appropriate exercise routine for us and know how to follow healthy habits. Starving is counterproductive.
  • Drinking fluids with meals makes you fat. It is true, the ideal is not to drink anything during dinner or lunch so that the stomach concentrates only on food.


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