The benefits of green coffee for weight loss

Whether it’s because of their smell, their color, or their benefits, green coffee beans have an exceptional affinity for the body that few people know about. Discover all its benefits, such as that it helps you lose weight, are expanded in this article, in addition to a complete report that will leave you with cravings for green coffee.

Green coffee? „I did not know him“

The population that consumes traditional coffee in Latin America is impressive, and it would seem a lie to believe that despite this large number, green coffee is unknown. But that’s right, not long ago this product went on sale and since then its benefits have been reasons for publications and recommendation by nutritionists.

The difference between traditional and green coffee is the treatment they receive. The traditional is heated and fried and the green is left as it is collected, that is, from the plant to its preparation as a drink. Removing this simple process enhances the positive effects of green coffee on humans, one of these benefits is weight loss.

Green coffee benefits

Its main components are caffeine and chlorogenic acid. When it goes through the roasting process (traditional coffee) the action of the first increases and that of the second is reduced. But by leaving it natural, the action of the second remains intact. To all this, chlorogenic acid is considered a powerful antioxidant, ideal for hypertensive, diabetic and heart patients.

Another benefit of drinking green coffee is that it reduces the action of free radicals that mostly damage cells. But better still, they strengthen every cell and reduce the chances of stress and nerve damage in general. Finally, they have the ability to nullify carcinogens and prevent them from damaging DNA.

Drink green coffee to lose weight

Recent research conducted in the United States revealed that if green coffee is consumed, the chances of losing weight increase . Due to the aforementioned components, obese people should add green coffee to 10% of their daily diet. It is worth clarifying that by itself it would not give the desired effects; it must be accompanied by a balanced diet and a moderate exercise routine.

The weight reduction process is due to its effect as thermogenesis, that is, it increases the temperature of the body (as does ginger) and the metabolic process begins to accelerate the fat burner. In addition, it causes the fat stores that adhere to different parts of the body to be converted into energy.

This last process helps to increase strength at a time that people want. If you are about to perform an act that requires superior strength, just drink a little green tea and the result is obvious. Its ability to degrade lipids helps reduce size as the weeks go by.

Fights cellulite and produces satiety

It should be noted that cellulite is not a specific problem for overweight women, thin girls can also suffer from the same skin disorder. In this case, green coffee tends to improve the appearance of the skin, and this is achieved thanks to its lipolytic and draining actions that are acquired when consuming it, which is why green coffee is used to treat cellulite.

Another of its benefits and that surely helps a person lose weight is that it causes satiety.  Drinking a cup of green coffee helps to maintain a diminished appetite. If you want to eat less at lunch or dinner, then consuming it is an excellent option.

Other benefits of green coffee

  • It has the ability to reduce blood pressure: chlorogenic acid is required for this benefit, the recommended dose for its effect to occur is half a cup a day.
  • Improves concentration: drinking green coffee increases brain activity, as a consequence, concentration increases and memory does too.
  • Combat arthritis and rheumatism: they are ailments that affect the elderly. These conditions cause inflammation, pain, redness, among others. Drinking a cup of green coffee, a day greatly reduces these symptoms.
  • Prevents the formation of kidney and gallstones.
  • Stimulates the need for physical activity.
  • Helps digestion.
  • It can fight migraine pain.
  • Fight addiction to tobacco and alcohol.

These to mention some benefits of green coffee. As mentioned, it is just being commercialized and that is why few people know of its existence. However, there is no doubt that its benefits continue, the simple fact of containing antioxidant components reveals a conglomerate of positive effects on the body that will surely be noticed with a couple of weeks of constant and moderate consumption.

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