Liver cleanse helps reduce weight

Most people don’t think of liver health in terms of weight loss, but the liver is responsible for helping to metabolize fat. It produces bile, which breaks down fat while acting as a filter to clean toxins from our blood, helping us feel energized. Optimizing liver health can help you lose weight and achieve your athletic goals.

To put the functions of the liver in optimal conditions, it will be necessary to eat certain foods that help improve the liver and help to lose weight in a healthy way.

There is a wide variety of recipes that can help purify the liver, most of them contain nutritional drinks such as juices, shakes or smoothies , taking care of the intake of salt and poor-quality oils. If you clean your liver properly, you can look and feel much better and help your body lose weight.

Liver cleanse to reduce weight

Cleansing the liver is a choice for those who want to lose weight, although many times there is no tendency to associate a clean and detoxified liver with weight loss, but they do have a very close link.

You can also read the tips to cleanse the liver to lose weight and achieve a greater detoxification.

When there are liver failures, urination problems, gallbladder problems, constipation, and this due to the accumulation of toxins in the body can occur. Cleaning the liver helps us to eliminate these substances from the body or is considered as the natural liver cleanse.

The good treatment to cleanse the liver in a healthy way will make this organ maintain its function properly and will help accelerate the metabolism, the better it works, the greater the chances of losing weight.

Toxic liver and fat accumulation

Most people struggle with overloaded livers due to a toxic diet and lifestyle. This means that their bodies are ineffective at digesting and breaking down fats, resulting in weight gain, a feeling of heaviness, bloating, and sluggishness. Therefore, the role of the liver is crucial for efficient circulation, metabolism and the breakdown of fats. There is no other body like this.

What is the relationship between the liver and the inability to lose weight?

The health of our liver is essential. If we do not take proper care of the liver, it can accumulate toxins and can even lead to fatty liver. In addition, we cannot ignore that if the liver is overloaded our immune system will begin to weaken and we will suffer many more diseases. It’s worth it? Of course not.

At the same time, we must not forget that obesity in turn exerts a dangerous spiral: the accumulation of fat or excess adipose tissue in the body favors many liver diseases such as fatty liver, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In turn, the presence of lipids and toxins in the liver makes the effort to lose weight more problematic.

It should also be noted that  the liver is the main organ that burns fat. Both it and the gallbladder need to work as a team to process and purify fats. If both are full of toxins, they will never be able to do their job properly. So, it is worth applying the following tips to our daily lives in order to keep both the liver and the gallbladder healthy and thus, lose weight in a healthy way.

Recipes to cleanse the liver

There are a wide variety of recipes to cleanse the liver, which also help improve intestinal function while helping the gallbladder to expel all toxins from the body. Recipes also have a relationship with changing habits and improving the body’s functions together, while we adopt new eating habits.

You may also be interested in reading about liver cleansing foods that you can add to your diet.

Foods to detoxify the liver

  • Grains: These grains help improve liver functions, contain B vitamins and are a great ally even to treat other health problems such as celiac disease .
  • Green tea: The antioxidants present in green tea are a great ally to treat liver problems and help it improve its functions.
  • Grapes: Grapes help increase bile production while helping the body to cleanse the liver with its antioxidant properties.
  • Apples: Apples are of great help when trying to lose weight, as they help improve the functions of the digestive tract, while helping to improve liver functions as well.
  • Carrots: The flavonoids present in carrots added to beta carotene, help stimulate liver functions in general.
  • Green leafy vegetables: Chlorophyll is a great ally to purify the liver due to its properties to oxygenate the blood and maintain liver functions in optimal conditions.
  • Olive oilOlive oil is another of the great contributions to liver health due to its antioxidant properties, as it helps to improve the body as a whole, both at digestive levels and by improving blood cholesterol levels .
  • Aubergines: A tonic prepared with aubergines can help you purify the liver very effectively, always combined with a good diet and a proper diet.
  • Avocado: Avocados are a good source to protect liver functions and help in the treatment to alleviate the overload of toxins that can be administered daily by this organ.

Steps to Optimal Liver Health

  1. Start the day with ½ lemon squeezed in 1 cup of warm water.
  2. Consume good amounts of filtered water daily.
  3. Increase your fiber intake to 35 grams per day to help flush out fat-soluble toxins. Choose high-fiber foods like ground flax seeds, psyllium, apple pectin, rice bran, beet fiber, oat fiber, chia seeds, and sun fiber.
  4. Eat liver cleansing foods such as beets, bitter greens, apples, lemons, garlic, onion, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower.
  5. Use liver cleansing herbs like dandelion root, artichoke, milk thistle, burdock root, and turmeric.
  6. Detoxifies the liver with alpha lipoic acid, calcium D-glucarate, NAC, selenium, choline, and methionine.
  7. Drink liver detoxifying tea with dandelion root, nettle root, red clover, licorice root, burdock root, and razor.
  8. Supports digestion with probiotics and digestive enzymes.
  9. Avoid toxic foods like sugar, processed foods, refined carbohydrates, pesticides, hydrogenated fats, and artificial sugars.
  10. Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, pop, and energy drinks.
  11. Get regular exercise.

To achieve weight loss, you not only need to diet and exercise, it is important to know what our body needs and what each organ demands of us when it is sick or does not work properly.


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