How to lose weight in a balanced way

When we talk about losing those extra kilos, immediately in your head you think: I will starve and surely before time you abandon the intention to lose weight. There is a belief that if you eat less you will lose weight, this being counterproductive, since you can slow down your metabolism even more.

Tips to lose weight in a balanced way

If you have a consistent exercise routine, you can eat at least five meals a day. The important thing is to know what you are going to eat.

Here we will show you three medicinal foods that will make you lose weight in a balanced, healthy and without suffering and you will also find some tips that can help you better understand what your body needs. It’s all about the excellent slimming virtues of cayenne pepper, coconut oil, and lemon. Just as you read, they are not only recommended to combat or avoid certain diseases but also to lose weight in a healthy way.

Put your life into action

One of the essential tips is to get out of that sedentary life that you lead, you must activate the body and soul, adopting exercise routines, some sports activity, you can even combine it with yoga. Believe me, in a few weeks you will feel much better and you will see yourself healthier.

Why do we emphasize that you get active ?; because if you eat too much, leading a sedentary life, without a doubt you will gain a few extra kilos. There are cases of people who usually eat food in a more or less balanced way, but at the same time they exercise regularly and, nevertheless, they cannot eliminate those kilos that they feel they have excess.

The secret is not to exaggeratedly exercise or reduce much of all those calories that we usually consume throughout the day, but to add medicinal foods to our diet that increase our metabolism and help us better assimilate and eliminate fats. That is why we mention these three foods: cayenne pepper, coconut oil and lemon as the best allies to gradually lose weight.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne has beneficial health properties as we have already mentioned many times in Vida Lucida, it helps us increase metabolism, and that is what we want, since it is in charge of burning fat.

You can start by adding small amounts mixed with meals, and gradually increase. Another of its benefits is that cayenne calms the appetite and improves digestion, which contributes to losing weight in a healthy way.

You can include it in dishes such as: creams, smoothies, soups, stews, meats, fish, tortillas, infusions or natural juices, there are many options where you can incorporate this chili into your meals.

Coconut oil for weight loss

The coconut oil is recommended not only for skin care or hair, an ingredient with special properties that will appreciate your body, also has more than 160 applications that have made bare in another publication on our site.

New nutritional theories recommend increasing the consumption of healthy fats, among which the famous coconut oil stands out, and of course reducing the abusive consumption of carbohydrates, especially refined ones.

However, it is important to know that coconut oil has triglycerides that are part of the medium chain, which increase energy expenditure and, therefore, fat burning, very different from the effect caused by saturated fats. Coconut oil reduces abdominal fat and appetite. You can consume one to two tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil a day, preferably raw; or add it to a smoothie or juice.

The properties of lemon

Lemon is a famous citrus in the fitness world. It has a variety of benefits that will help you in your weight loss mission.

On an empty stomach, you can have a glass of warm water with lemon , as it is a detoxifier par excellence. You can also drink the juice from the pulp, or grate the peel and use it in sauces, condiments, smoothies and desserts.

You can also prepare a delicious and healthy lemonade by beating the lemons with their peel and then straining the liquid, which will undoubtedly result in a totally intense drink, slightly bitter, and very beneficial for your body.

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