Grapefruit juice that helps you lose weight

Grapefruit lovers consume it alone or lightly sweetened with honey. Due to its beneficial properties, we are going to show you how to make a grapefruit juice that helps you lose weight.

Grapefruit is a fruit that is also known by the name of grapefruit, and it is very easy to identify in fruit stalls due to its characteristic round shape that resembles a large orange and its yellow color similar to lemon. Its flavor also surprises us, because it is somewhat less sweet than that of an orange, but also less bitter than that of a lemon.

The properties of grapefruit are what make its juice very healthy to lose weight:

  • It is a source of vitamin C and beta-carotene.
    • Avoid cardiovascular diseases.
    • Increases the body’s defenses.
    • Helps digestion and strengthens the urinary system.
    • Collaborates with the metabolism of fats and cleanses the liver.
    • Helps to assimilate iron in food better.

Why does grapefruit juice help you lose weight?

Because grapefruit has the ability to accelerate metabolism and acts as a fat burner. After seeing this information, you will surely want to try a grapefruit juice that helps you lose weight.

Grapefruit juice that helps you lose weight with watermelon

Why combine grapefruit and watermelon?

Because we add to the capacity of grapefruit another fruit that is a natural diuretic such as watermelon, so it will be an excellent method to eliminate toxins from the body.


• Grapefruits, three.
• Watermelon, three slices.
• Water, two glasses.

Preparation mode.

Peel, remove seeds, cut and wash the fruit before putting it in the blender with the two glasses of water.

The properties of grapefruit will keep this juice in good condition for a long time. You can keep it in the refrigerator and take it on an empty stomach and at room temperature in the morning, waiting an hour before having breakfast normally. Combine the grapefruit and watermelon juice throughout the day, and have another glass half an hour before lunch, another at snack time, and another half an hour before dinner. Do not forget to eat healthy foods and eat a proper diet low in fat and rich in vegetables and fruits.

Grapefruit juice that helps you lose weight with pineapple, parsley and celery.


• Pineapple, one slice.
• Grapefruit, a glass of its juice.
• Parsley, a sprig.
• Celery, a sprig.

Preparation mode

• Chop, clean and blend the ingredients.

Way of consumption:

Take a glass of this juice in the morning for a month.

Why mix these ingredients in my weight loss grapefruit juice?

Because parsley is a powerful natural diuretic, which by eliminating excess water from our body is helping to detoxify it as it loses weight. Something similar happens with celery. Composed of 95% water, it is moisturizing and digestive, with diuretic and cleansing properties for the body.
Pineapple is another diuretic and purifying fruit which will allow us to eliminate toxins accumulated by our body through urine , it also activates metabolism and facilitates digestion. The vast majority is made up of water and contains hardly any fat and is very low in calories.

Grapefruit juice that helps to lose weight with apple.


• Grapefruit, a glass of juice.
• Apple, one piece.
• Celery, half a sprig.

Preparation method:

Remove seeds, chop and clean the apple, and place it together with the clean celery in the blender. Add the glass of grapefruit juice. Drink after preparation.

Why add apple to my grapefruit juice that helps me lose weight?

Because apples are a fruit low in sodium, calories and fat, with high fiber content that will help regulate the body’s metabolism and prevent fluid retention.

Eat healthy, exercise and incorporate some of these grapefruit juices that help you lose weight. Which one do you prefer? Or Why choose? Better try them all.


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