Getting a good night’s sleep helps you lose weight

I don’t know if you’ve heard the phrase that no one has drowned in their own sweat. A phrase that affirms and reaffirms all the important things in life. Many think that having a strict diet and exercising extremely leads to great results and the truth is, yes, that does lead to good results. But what if I told you that getting enough sleep also affects our body weight.

Many studies carried out today, explain that people who have a good diet and exercise, but still do not lose any weight, the only problem they undoubtedly have is a lack of restful sleep.

Reasons that will help you understand why you should sleep well

That is why we will explain several reasons that will open your eyes and you will realize that sleeping well will help you lose weight.

1. Sleep can increase physical performance

Excellent news for you, who are dedicating yourself day to day to exercises. If you want to be motivated and persevere in the exercises. Sleeping well will give you the energy you need to withstand the training.

This means that if we have a restful sleep, the next day our sports, intellectual performance and our mood will be optimal to perform better.

2. Regular hours help you lose weight

We are all born with a kind of internal clocks known as circadian rhythms. These rhythms are the physiological, mental and behavioral changes that follow a cycle of approximately 24 hours and that are dictated mainly by the changes in the light of the environment that surrounds us.

This circadian rhythm is essential for our body to be in top shape during the day and not only affect our sleep schedules, but also dictate many other complex functions of our body such as hormonal secretion.

3. If you don’t sleep well, increase your calorie intake

People who do not dedicate enough time to sleep well, can get the side effect of feeling cravings or wanting to eat many more calories, looking for those energy that they need in the day, to fulfill their obligations.

4. If you don’t sleep well it can increase your appetite

Those feelings of eating more and more, here lies the real problem, when you do not meet your periods of sleeping well about 6 to 8 hours at night, or you do it at different times. If this period is not fulfilled, the hormones of hunger, leptin and ghrelin will be activated and will begin to arise due to lack of sleep.

Not sleeping properly is an effect that constantly impacts on weight gain, so if you meet your deadlines properly, you will help physical activity and your diet have benefits on weight loss. If not, the opposite effect is weight gain, so sports experts recommend sleeping 8 hours without fail and maintaining a permanent hour to go to sleep.


Is sleeping well then favorable?

What are you telling me now, with these reasons it is more than clear that sleeping well is of the utmost importance? By recommendation it is good that you have your diet and exercise, it is the best thing you can do in your life.

You can try different techniques to get a better rest, there are so many options to improve rest that on our page we have shared dozens of articles on the subject, we invite you to use the search engine to find more information.

Do not think that your results will increase considerably, in particular mix everything. I assure you good results, after all, losing weight and having good health is what really matters.

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