Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

We probably all want to eat healthy foods that do not make us overweight, but ignorance causes us to include in our diet foods that can have an opposite effect on losing weight and end up being reflected on the scale with a few extra kilos. Here is the list of foods to avoid to lose weight.

Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

Fast Food Restaurant Salads
Not always „salad“ equals healthy. Fast food restaurants have on their menu a popular chicken salad, which already only has 500 calories, and if we add 500 more for the sauce, a single salad reaches 1000 calories; in addition to having high salt content.

Fried chicken

It is no secret that a piece of fried chicken has a lot of calories and fat, but you should also know that it contains high sodium content. What makes this crunchy dish one of the foods to avoid for weight loss.

Pilaf rice

This dish of Indian gastronomy is very popular and tasty, but due to ingredients such as mustard it has a high sodium content, to which we add the oil and carbohydrates typical of rice. In this category we could include the other fried rice from the various oriental cuisines, such as Thai rice or arroz chaufa.

Soup and salad

Soup and salad can be a good combination and represent a very healthy meal. But the trouble is in the details: Cream-based soups can be completely high in fat. Another problem is restaurant soups, as these are notoriously high in sodium. Consuming too much salt not only raises blood pressure, it also increases the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and kidney disease.

Regular tomato sauce

It is tasty and the pastas are delicious with it, but this sauce contains large amounts of sugar to balance the natural acidity of the tomatoes. It is recommended to prepare it at home, since the package also contains preservatives and high sodium content.

More Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

Fruit juice cocktails

Daiquiris, margaritas and other cocktails that are „fruit“ are prepared with fruit syrups, which is not the same as fruit. These syrups are pure refined sugar, which is highly harmful to health. A margarita can have more than 500 calories.

Low-fat ice cream

Another of the sins made food, a low-fat ice cream can have 21 grams of sugar in half a cup, that is, almost double that of a regular ice cream. While it is true, they have less fat, they make up for it with sugar. This is another of the foods that should be avoided to lose weight.

Salads without dressing

These salads that we find in supermarkets promise to be low in fat due to the absence of dressing, but 2 tablespoons of it have 89 grams of sugar. Something very common in „fat-free“ foods that are already prepared and sold in supermarkets, when we are on a diet, the ideal is to prepare all our salads and dishes at home.

Baked vegetable flakes

It has become a very popular dish lately, but you should know that these vegetables are baked with fat, which takes away everything healthy. If you do not make them at home, it is better not to consume them while following a diet to lose weight.

Sugary cereal

A bowl of sugary cereals (we could name many) is going to wreak some havoc with the high amount of sugar they contain, causing inflammation and a host of other health problems, such as weight gain. opt for natural, sugar-free cereal, or gluten-free options like rice cereal.

Accompanied by this, you should not set aside an exercise routine that helps you burn calories, consume daily water, avoid stress that can lead you to ruin your diet by incorporating foods that you should avoid and that gain weight and harm health.


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