Foods that make your hips fat

The way in which fat is accumulated and distributed throughout the body is related to certain factors that we can highlight, such as hormonal imbalance, diet and genetics. Fat can make the hips fat, in addition to being distributed through the thighs, legs and abdomen, this also depends on the type of body you have and your genetic predisposition.

Fattening the hips can happen very quickly , unlike other types of weight gain, so we must avoid it before it happens, understanding what are the foods that can trigger it.

Foods that can make your hips fat

By eating certain heavy and abundant foods, the fat enters the bloodstream almost immediately, the process of fat in the body can occur after one hour of its ingestion and after three hours, the fat is processed by the organism and is incorporated into the tissue; especially in the hips, thighs and buttocks”, as revealed by a study.

You must keep in mind that these foods go directly to your hips and the best way to avoid it is by preventing their intake, changing to a more balanced diet. The following are some of the many foods that can stay on your hips by increasing their size.

1. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages

According to the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition, these types of liquids contribute to the accumulation of body fat in women, especially in the hips area.

2. Ice cream or snow

While ice cream may seem like a whimsical treat, this food is one of the main causes of fattening hips, and it doesn’t do any good for fat stores. Between 5 and 15 grams of fat are stagnant in half a cup of ice cream. If you avoid it, you will already have a healthy investment in your favor not only to prevent your hips from widening more, but it will also benefit your health in general.

3. Red and processed meats

Research found that consuming large amounts of processed red meats such as hamburgers and cold cuts, such as bacon and salami, are associated with weight gain. Cutting back on meat means reducing your calorie intake, and that may help you control your weight. Choose another type of protein like fish and chicken, and also plant-based protein like legumes.

4. Burritos

The ingredients in these types of foods, such as cheese, rice, tortilla, chicken, and sour cream (which contains fermented milk). With this you already have a problem to gain weight. Not only does this have 19 grams of fat, but it also adds 1,180 calories and 2,900 mg of sodium to your body. Most of them go straight to the hips.

5. Potatoes

Potatoes are the type of food that, prepared in any way, will make the hips suffer from weight gain due to the accumulation of fat. Whether in the form of French fries, mashed, baked, it is a food high in carbohydrates, and if eaten in excess it prepares the body for rapid weight gain, according to research in 2011 Baked sweet potatoes or sweet potatoes are a healthier option because the effects of the blood sugar they produce are less.

6. Fondue

This is a dish that can be made with various ingredients, where cheese prioritizes, and from where different foods can be bathed. Cheese and more cheese. Although it can be a delicious meal, eating these dishes in abundance could make your hips plump. It contains about 1,300 calories, which makes it a very unhealthy recipe. Stepping away from this cheesy delicacy can help you avoid hip flare and other problems related to excess weight gain and related illnesses.

7. Commercial hamburgers

Why did this have to be on the list? Unfortunately, cheeseburgers are packed with a lot of saturated fat that can spell disaster for your health and your hips. Made with white bread, with an unhealthy cheese and industrial red meat, it can be very harmful to health, especially if it is consumed regularly. If you want to keep your abdomen, hips and thighs in better shape, and in addition to improving health, avoiding these foods can be a great start.

8. Processed juices

According to a study they point out that if you consume this drink constantly (as many do today to save work) this can lead to obesity. Drinking these juices, which contain sucrose without fiber, is related to metabolic syndrome, therefore this means accumulating fat in the hips, abdomen, thighs and other parts of the body making your figure not as you prefer it, but worse still, deteriorating health.

9. Nuts

Although these foods can help support cardiovascular health, the calorie content of nuts is between five and eight higher than fresh fruits. For example, approximately a container with grapes can contain about 60 calories but instead the same container but with raisins contains 460 calories. Although the consumption of nuts is recommended, you should know how to incorporate them into your diet, and not add them to a large diet because your hips will suffer.

If you want to avoid overweight in the hips, you can opt for other drinks and foods that will be of great help, such as, for examplegreen tea, which can help boost metabolism, stimulating fat loss.


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