Detox juice that speeds up metabolism

Learn about the benefits of this detox juice to help accelerate metabolism, thanks to the benefits of ginger, pineapple, apple and lemon along with the other ingredients, we can prepare an excellent drink that can boost your metabolism.

Juice-based detox is one of the best ways to alkalize the body and eliminate toxins, especially after the holidays, but it is also advisable to do it regularly. Drinking green juices is the fastest way to ingest nutrients, minerals and vitamins, which go directly to the cells, since the body does not need to digest them.

Detox juice

Benefits of some of the components of this delicious and healthy detox juice.

Lemon: Although it is an acidic fruit, in the body it acts as an alkalinizer that helps regulate the ph. It serves to counteract the effects of acidity in the body and is rich in vitamin C. It also helps with the assimilation and absorption of the properties of green leafy vegetables.

Apple: The infusion of apple exerts a strengthening and tonic effect as a daily drink and should be used as a reinforcement in gout, rheumatism, liver and kidney diseases, hypertension, heart disorders and skin rashes. Due to its phosphorous content, apple infusion constitutes a natural food for the nervous system, especially for children.

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