Burn calories without realizing it with these 7 tricks

Burning calories to lose weight is much easier than many thinks, in fact there are some tricks with which it is possible to do this without even realizing it, simply incredible. For anyone who still does not know this little secret, here are the 7 tricks to burn calories without realizing it.

Tricks to burn calories

The following tips will help you boost the body’s calorie burning in a natural way, speeding up the process to lose weight faster.

1. Say goodbye to bad fats

This may be more difficult than it sounds, but eliminating bad fats from the daily diet gives the body great relief. These facts are mainly found in delicatessens, pastry shops, non-skimmed dairy, among others, and when consumed in large quantities they increase blood cholesterol levels.

As a general rule of thumb to say goodbye to harmful fats, it is forbidden to store cookies and other industrial dishes in the pantry. It is better to consume this type of food at home, trying to do it in a fitness way and without adding a lot of fat.

2. A diet that fills up without overdoing it

In response to the fact that many people hate fruit and salad diets, it is best to see a nutritionist who can provide their expertise in creating a healthy menu. This does not mean that dairy, meat or fish will be extracted from the diet, simply the diet will be optimized with a balance of nutrients.

The specialist will be in charge of designing a diet with foods that leave you feeling full, in this way it is not necessary to go hungry and not overindulge with meals. The key to all of this is to feel satiated after each meal, otherwise it will create some anxiety that will bring bad results.

3. Drink two glasses of water before eating

Many experts recommend drinking two large glasses of water before each meal, through this habit it is possible to feel fuller and avoid excessive calorie intake, which also increases metabolism. Without realizing this, you can achieve a significant calorie burn.

4. Light snack

The time of the aperitif is something that cannot be replaced; however, it must be modified by something light, avoiding including chips, chocolate cookies, tortillas, among others.

The best way to achieve this is to always carry nuts or almonds on hand, which will help quench hunger quickly, so if you want another calorie-burning trick without being aware of it, carry nuts in your bag.

5. Oat bran, the best of the best.

It is necessary to include fiber in a balanced diet, this not only regulates intestinal transit, but also helps reduce cholesterol and absorb fats. A very specific example is oat bran, which can be included as a supplement in various meals.

Not only is it one of the foods richest in fiber, but it also has a satiating property. And to complement all of the above, there are many recipes in which oat bran can be added, both sweet and salty.

6. Stimulate serotonin

Serotonin is also known as the satiety hormone, its function is related to the inhibition of feelings such as anger, mood, body temperature, sexuality, sleep and appetite.

For all this, it is so important to maintain adequate levels of serotonin, in order to have an optimal mood and to control appetite. It is possible to do it with foods such as nuts; walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, or through whole cereals; legumes, dairy, soy, and eggs.

It is recommended to prepare a main dish with a low-calorie index, which is enough to satisfy the appetite.

7. Walk to burn calories

If you do not have time to practice sports, it is possible to walk for an hour to burn calories and get great benefits. It is not worth running, it is better to move forward with a firm step but to achieve it. If you want a trick to burn calories much higher, try to do a walk with large stilts and with a fast pace, at first you will notice that it is a very exhausting exercise, but it is the most effective to burn calories, remember to do it while maintaining the body well hydrated.

There are some small tricks to burn calories while walking, for example: walking to work, or if it is a long distance you can go down a few blocks earlier and walk a stretch, take a couple of laps around the block, go out for a walk with friends, there is no valid excuse because there are many options.


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