8 tips to lose body fat

A good balance of fats in the body makes any body type stand out. Eliminate body fat that is not necessary and by doing good exercise, we can obtain a well-defined abdomen, generally well-shaped and striking muscles.

Each one with their body shape, it is not necessary to have an idealized silhouette to see that the body of each person, keeping it in its optimal conditions, is beautiful and worthy of care.

The answer for a sculpted body can encompass many factors, from genetics and individual metabolism to diet and special care.

However, eliminating body fat, if you carry in excess, should be the main objective, on the way to a more balanced and healthy body.

Here we will give you some tips that you can use very easily and that can help you to eliminate body fat and achieve more harmonious and attractive forms.

If you combine these tips with physical activity and a good diet , such as consuming vegetables in abundance and eliminating dairy and refined sugars, you will see how your body undoubtedly responds properly according to the most natural and natural harmonic form of your body. First of all, health comes first.

Remember that there are no miraculous things, there is only your will and the mixture of certain factors to create the right results.

1. Consume enough and adequate protein

The proteins are essential for good consistency and muscle function. But it is not just enough to consume any protein, since much of it provides saturated fats that are not beneficial for your body and that only add fat and extra toxins.

The proteins that we recommend are vegetables or those of high biological value such as those found in milk serum, fish, lentils and oilseeds, they are some of the healthiest proteins and that will keep your muscular structure.

2. Consume omega 3 fatty acids to eliminate body fat

Omega 3 fatty acids are the most beneficial fats for the body and the ones that are best used. Plant oils (olive, sesame, almonds, etc.) are polyunsaturated fatty acids, and are also found in a high proportion in the tissues of certain fish, and in some plant sources such as flax seeds and walnuts.

If you feed your body with Omega 3 , in addition to being well nourished, having an energetic brain and preventing countless diseases, you will be helping your body to have only the necessary fat for its functions.

3. Eliminate refined sugar

White sugar is one of the great reasons for being overweight. Soft drinks, many canned products such as ketchup, refined breads and more, contain high percentages of white sugar , which does not have any nutritional contribution and the only thing that causes is weight gain.

It is true that the body needs glucose, but you must obtain it from natural fruits or, failing that, substitute it with honey or brown sugar.

4. Do not neglect the consumption of carbohydrates

You must include them in your diet as they provide energy. Although many people believe that carbohydrates must be eliminated to eliminate body fat, this is a mistake.

The correct thing is to learn to select them and not eliminate them completely. Choose whole grains over refined ones like whole grain oatmeal, bread, and crackers. Add rice and lentils to your diet. IF you eat the peels of the fruits this will favor the storage of hydrates such as muscle and liver glycogen.

5. Drink enough water

Hydrating properly will help you maintain a proper functioning of the digestive process, which is crucial so that your body does not retain toxins and convert them into body fat or even fluid retention.

Consume 2 to 3 liters of water a day, if you train, prefer rehydrating drinks and fresh fruit or vegetable juices. Avoid sugary drinks, milk, and packaged juices.

6. Consume green tea

Green tea contains antioxidants that help fight excess free radicals, help lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol.

Green tea contains thermogenic substances that have the ability to slightly increase the metabolic rate, thereby increasing the availability of free fatty acids subject to oxidation in the body. Green tea contains no calories and helps you shed remaining fat.

7. Drink the juice of a lemon in the morning

Lemon juice has many properties and high benefits for your body. In this case, we are interested in lemon for its purifying property, which will help you eliminate toxins and accumulated fats in your body that have not been eliminated and cause overweight.

The lemon will purify your body and eliminate these excesses, it will also give your skin and hair a better appearance. Drink the juice of a lemon on an empty stomach every morning dissolved in half a glass of warm water.

8. Times in food

Distribute your diet in 4 or more times during the day. This makes it easier to keep glucose levels more stable. It is worth including all kinds of food, but try to include abundant salads in at least 3 of these times and make sure that one hour before bedtime your dinner is very light.

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