5 Minerals That Can Help You Lose Weight

To lead a healthy life, it is necessary to maintain an optimal body weight and when there is excess fat, it is advisable to use minerals that can help you lose weight.

How Minerals Work for Weight Loss?

Both minerals and vitamins work as catalysts and help speed up reactions that increase the possibility of losing weight. In the right amounts, the following nutrients help keep the body functioning optimally and help shed those extra pounds.

Minerals that help you lose weight

 While weight control is essential for good health, losing those extra pounds is not simply about reducing your calorie intake. Your daily diet should provide you with a sufficient number of essential vitamins and minerals, which can provide your body with much-needed nutritional support to enjoy a higher metabolic rate.


When the body lacks adequate amounts of iron, you can suffer from anemia, one of the most common mineral deficiencies.
Those who suffer from this condition tend to constantly feel tired. The reason: Your body needs iron to carry oxygen, but when you lack this mineral, your cells can’t get an adequate supply of oxygen, leaving you feeling depleted. This can in turn lead to difficulty exercising, and we all know that exercise is an important component of weight loss.

Conclusion: You need to have a large amount of iron in your diet. You can get this important mineral from lean protein meats like turkey. Spinach, molasses, lentils, clams, and mussels are good sources as well.


On average adults need about 1,000 milligrams of calcium every day. This mineral plays a vital role in bone and tissue growth, helps maintain proper bone density, and protects us against osteoporosis . Calcium also regulates blood pressure levels and has been shown to help you lose weight and increase muscle mass. you can find calcium in molasses, spinach, walnuts. If you are lactose intolerant, you can try other ways to get calcium beyond milk.


Like calcium and iron, chromium helps maintain a stable and healthy body weight. This mineral is involved in metabolizing sugar. Blood glucose levels are stabilized by increasing the effects of insulin. Without this mineral in your diet, insulin function is affected and blood glucose levels fluctuate. Therefore, chromium helps reduce cravings and lose weight naturally. You can include foods like molasses and whole grain breads to get your daily fix.


Zinc is important for regulating appetite and helping with weight loss, hormonal function, and insulin levels. Include this mineral in your diet by consuming wheat germ, beef, lentils, eggs, almonds, chicken, Brazil nuts, shellfish, and herring. We recommend that you check which foods contain zinc and the benefits of including them in your daily diet.


This mineral also helps regulate blood glucose levels and is necessary for fat metabolism and maintaining a healthy thyroid, all of which are crucial for weight control. Excellent food sources of manganese are wheat germ, tea, spinach, walnuts, oats, green leafy vegetables, molasses and pineapples.

By regulating your hormonal functions, all of these minerals control hunger cravings that help you lose weight, also benefit metabolic rate and calorie-burning abilities, and more.


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