5 Essential Oils To Add To Your Diet And Lose Weight

Essential oils are an excellent ally when it comes to losing weight, anyone who maintains this purpose will want to include all these options in their diet that we will show you below.

The beneficial properties of these oils are immense, being a better option than certain medications or supplements to lose weight, since they are totally natural and also have other health benefits.

What essential oils help you lose weight?

Depending on the cause, whether due to stress, fluid retention or digestive problems, there are essential oils that help solve these problems and lose weight.

1. Grapefruit essential oil (grapefruit)

Grapefruit or grapefruit is a source of vitamin C, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that helps to burn fat quickly both in its internal and external use.

One of its main antioxidants is d-limonene , which acts directly on fatty acids, taking them into the bloodstream and promoting lipolysis to use them as energy.

In turn, vitamin C and lycopene have a purifying effect, helping to eliminate toxins from the body that can cause an unwanted effect on body weight. This essential oil can be added in appropriate doses to a glass of water or applied directly to the skin in adipose areas.

2. The essential oil of peppermint

The essential oil has a dual effect on satiety, i.e., when the person loses appetite is a good option to retrieve it, but when the person suffers from a lot of anxiety about food is a good remedy to control it.

It is an oil rich in omega -3 fatty acids and vitamin C, as well as other minerals that include iron, potassium and magnesium. All useful components to help you lose weight, relieve indigestion and prevent the accumulation of unwanted fats.

It can be used in different ways: adding it to the drink, through aromatherapy or peppermint capsules.

3. Lemon essential oil:

Lemon oil is an effective metabolism regulator, it is the main source of vitamin C and d-limonene, frequently used to treat and neutralize various digestive complaints.

Among its other benefits are increased energy by breaking down fats, a detoxifying effect and even an anti-cellulite property. It can be used internally, topically or through aromatherapy to ensure better weight loss benefits.

4. Bergamot essential oil

This essential oil extracted from various Italian citrus fruits is a rich source of polyphenols, which support metabolism, reduce harmful cholesterol and increase the ability to reduce body fat. By reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, it promotes weight loss.

This oil has sedative properties that help control the urge to eat. It can be used in various ways; aromatherapy, topically or internally.

5. The essential oil of cinnamon

It is considered an excellent ally to add to the diet and lose weight . Provides a feeling of satiety, improves the glycemic index and blood circulation. In turn, it is a very useful essential oil to stimulate metabolism and promote sexual desire.

It can be taken together with a base oil or applied topically to the abdominal level. Also, it can be inhaled by adding a few drops of cinnamon oil to a cotton ball and breathing slowly before a meal to reduce appetite and avoid overeating.

Tips to lose weight with essential oils

The use of essential oils is serious and must be used correctly, some useful tips for this are:

  • Make sure it is a high-quality oil, especially when it will be used internally or added to the diet.
  • They must be diluted correctly as the case may be and using the correct dosage to avoid side effects. Always consult a specialist before using these oils.
  • All these oils can be alternated to promote body weight loss.


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