When your belly has this shape, these are the reasons

Who would not want to have a flat abdomen? Abdominal fat is one of the biggest cosmetic discomforts that many people are uncomfortable with their body. But do not despair, we can find thousands of ways to get a flat abdomen and also find the reasons why our belly looks that way. Here we will leave you some:

When your belly has this shape, these are the reasons

The rasa of the womb is one of the most common signs of weight gain and, unfortunately, something that is not easy to lose. So before embarking on your weight loss journey, it’s best to understand what type of belly fat you have. You’d be surprised to know that all tummy types are different and need to be approached differently.

Belly from poor diet

This is the first reason why most people cannot get a flat stomach. Foods that contain carbohydrates, fats and sugars cause a kind of inflammation in the abdomen and make it look bad.

Therefore, we must avoid the consumption of flour, sugary drinks, desserts and others.  Natural foods such as fruits and vegetables help reduce inflammation, therefore it is advisable to substitute harmful foods for these.

Although it is necessary to consume a certain amount of fat, we must always take into account what type of fat we are consuming. Saturated fats, contained in some types of meats and various dairy products, cause inflammation of the abdomen and the growth of our tummy.

On the other hand, foods with monounsaturated natural fats such as avocado, dried fruits and fish collaborate with the burning of fats and have an anti-inflammatory effect, as long as their consumption is moderate.

Menopausal tummy

Weight gain is a common effect of menopause. Hormonal changes lead to weight gain, which actually begins during perimenopause, a few years before menopause. This weight gain mainly affects the abdomen.

Take care of your eating and resting habits. Also, get involved in some light exercise routine.

You have a belly when you do the wrong exercise routine

A wrong exercise routine can cause us to lose weight, but it may not help us in burning abdominal fat. For example, going for a run is a totally healthy activity for our body and helps us burn hundreds of calories, but it does not specifically help burn abdominal fat.

Therefore, it is recommended to combine aerobic training with some strength, lifting weights or doing exercises that require muscular work. In addition, we must not only work the abdominals, but also the muscles of the back, pelvis and others, since when working them we will burn many more calories because they are exercises that require the work of more muscles at the same time.

Not managing stress

Having a quiet life is also important, sleeping between 7 and 8 hours a day collaborates with the metabolism, if our body does not rest correctly it will not have the same energy as if it rests properly. In addition, the body burns calories while resting and relaxes almost every muscle in the body.

It is important to reduce stress and worry, since in these types of situations the body produces a hormone called cortisol that increases body fat.

Stress is a common thing today and so is belly stress. The stress fat is mainly around the belly button and the tummy is hard to lose. If you don’t eat or skip meals often, drink a lot of coffee, suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, eat too much unhealthy food, and suffer from chronic stress, then your chances of having belly stress are pretty high.

How to get rid of that kind of tummy: Lack of sleep and workload is one of the common reasons for stress. Therefore, your first goal should be to reduce both. Try meditation and other breathing exercises. Also, limit your daily coffee intake. Don’t do an intense workout, as it produces stress hormones in the body.


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