The 5 best techniques to run and eliminate more calories

Many people are very concerned about their body weight as this is essential for good health, and physical activities such as morning walks, jogging or running at a certain speed can be a great ally to eliminate more calories while we run. Read on to learn about the different alternatives to burn calories through exercise.

5 techniques to run and eliminate more calories

If you want to know the techniques to run and eliminate more calories, we recommend reading this article. It includes the different levels of intensity of the exercises, and what may be the benefits of each one.

1. Increase the intensity of the run

Many people believe that running at the same pace and speed continuously is enough to lose weight, when the reality is that they are not burning as many calories as they could. One of the things you can do to burn fat more efficiently is to increase the intensity of your workouts by running faster.

A good idea would be to try a weekly fartlek session, since this way you can increase the intensity of the exercise and burn many more calories as the training progresses and after it ends.

Another way to increase your running intensity is to practice a good running session for about 10 to 20 minutes. By doing this, you will find that your routine is much more fun and that your strength, endurance and speed gradually increase as the exercises intensify.

2. Increase the duration of the exercise routine

The number of calories burned is directly linked to the length of training and runs that are taken. For various reasons, many runners never run the adequate number of miles required to burn calories during the week. Therefore, it is essential to gradually increase the number of kilometers covered by running, which is reflected in a longer duration of training.

It is advisable to incorporate at least one long session of exercises during the week. In this way, not only are more calories burned, but the body will be subjected to new sports demands for much longer, producing physiological changes in the body.

3. Run frequently

Another of the techniques to run and eliminate more calories is to run frequently since this is one of the elements that will help the person the most to increase the number of calories burned and also the recovery time after it.

What should mark the frequency with which you run is your own physical condition and the goal to be reached. But if you want to increase the number of calories you burn when you run, then you must increase the frequency with which you do this training routine.

4. Accompany the race with an energetic arm stroke

Steady and regular arm movement has been shown to primarily aid performance and speed. In addition to that, it also increases the energy expended and it is estimated that it can provide 15% more calorie burn than running without good arm movement.

Similarly, using your arms to run outdoors helps to overcome the resistance provided by the wind. Similarly, if obstacles are overcome and some imperfections in the terrain are overcome, the energy that will be used is higher and the amount of fat that will be burned will be greater.

5. Make variations of rhythm

Simply increasing your pace and reducing it drastically, as well as producing swings in your heart rate, will help increase your calorie expenditure while running.

If you want to learn to run to lose weight, it is important to know these techniques to greatly reduce injuries from physical effort, such as stress on the bones, joints and muscles.

In addition, it is important to know well what would be an adequate diet, since both exercises must be combined to burn calories and foods that provide necessary nutrients and that, at the same time, are low in calories or fat.

Ultimately, when you apply these techniques to running and eliminate more calories in the best possible combination, you will begin to achieve impressive results in terms of weight loss and improved fitness.

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