How to activate hormones to lose weight

The process to lose weight occurs in different ways depending on the person. A correct diet can activate fat-burning hormones, which can metabolize stored fat, thus helping it to be eliminated from the body. This is how to activate the hormones to melt fat, acting as a fat burner.

Many people who start a diet can witness how else who begins just may have better results in weight loss, this may be due to several factors including both environmental and genetic, however the hormonal imbalance may be responsible for more direct on the loss or not of the corporal weight.

How to activate hormones to lose weight?

Any weight loss program takes a lot of effort, but then there comes a time when you hit the plateau and your body just can’t keep up with burning fat anymore. However, there are 3 simple methods that you can consider to activate hormones, which is equivalent to the process of speeding up your metabolism in order to lose weight.

Eliminate all types of sugar

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind when you are trying to lose the extra pounds you have, is to eliminate the negative role of carbohydrates that can cause your weight loss goal to fail.

On the one hand, the carbohydrate stores that are ingested with foods high in sugar such as starchy vegetables, alcohol, cookies, candy, sugar- processed foods, provide quick energy that your body uses instead of burning fat from reservation. Therefore, reducing carbohydrates in your diet is a must, if you want to activate hormones to help you lose weight.

Have a schedule to eat

Having a specific meal and quantity schedule is also a way to achieve healthy weight loss goals.

You need to be able to replace carbonated drinks with fruit juices with water or lemon water, as well as natural herbal teas. In addition, you need to increase your intake of vegetables per day, especially raw and steamed vegetables, since these need more calories to be digested, which is perfect for any weight loss regimen.

Another of the most important factors is to activate the hormone leptin, which is essential to regulate appetite, if this hormone is working irregularly, we can present hunger peaks at different times, with which to eat a diet It can become torture, as we will have to resist hunger.

But there is a natural solution to activate the hormones, in this case the consumption of carrots is the most advisable. Carrots are sources of carotenoids, which have antioxidants that improve the brain’s sensitivity to the hormone leptin.

Increase your exercise routine

The third most important thing when losing weight is to add some light exercise, because this further stimulates the burning of reserve fat. Even 30 minutes of exercise every day can help your body to build new muscle protein that activates the burning of reserve fat.

Exercises can help activate hormones as well, in the case of the hormone oxytocin, which is related to pleasure, and is the hormone in charge of controlling our cravings, it is necessary so that we can carry out any diet and achieve the goal to lose weight. To activate it, you can perform outdoor activities that can stimulate it, or perform breathing exercises through the practice of yoga.

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