Drinking wine before bed could help you lose weight

Many people around the world choose to drink wine for many different reasons. For some, it is a social thing and for others, its reasons may be a bit more difficult to explain. But it seems that now we could also add one more reason to this list according to studies: drinking wine before bed could also help you lose weight.

Drinking wine before bed could help you lose weight

A study conducted a few years ago found that drinking a little wine could be good for weight loss. A compound known as resveratrol found in red wine was shown to help convert white fat to beige fat. For those who may not be aware, beige fat is easier to burn.

Studies prior to this one suggested that resveratrol in wine might help prevent obesity, but until now it was unclear how it was able to do so. While most people would assume that when dieting you should give up alcohol completely, but this is not the case, if you still want to drink something here and your red wine might be something to rely on.

Drinking wine in moderation helps more to lose weight

It was also found in a well-known study, that women who drink in moderation have about a seventy percent lower risk of being overweight compared to women who do not drink at all.

You can have a glass of wine or two a day and still lose weight if you apply yourself. Some women actually go for a glass of red wine a day as it curbs their ‚sugar cravings‘ and helps them lose weight. Another noteworthy study concluded that a glass of red wine each day could increase good cholesterol levels. This means that it could help improve type 2 diabetes by increasing glucose metabolism.

More research is needed on this, but it makes sense. What you think? Could red wine really help people lose weight on some level? Perhaps, like everything, moderation is the key.

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