Boost metabolism with coconut water, celery, and lemon

Many proteins on the market promote the ideal mechanism to increase metabolism and cleanse your body, but not all of them are good for your health, on the contrary they are harmful, since they are not 100% natural.

It is more practical to go to the supermarket, fill the cart with fruits, vegetables and vegetables, and make delicious smoothies at home that help you accelerate the metabolism and can promote weight loss in a satisfactory way.

How to increase metabolism?

In this article we will show you how the mixture of coconut water, celery and lemon will give you wonderful results to increase metabolism, and not only will your body thank you but also your hair and skin.

This mixture of ingredients will allow you to accelerate the metabolism, eliminate excess fluids and calm the anxiety to eat, losing weight almost without effort.

In addition, the advantage is that they can also improve other health problems, such as digestive disorders, migraines, skin problems, among others, thanks to the properties of these healthy ingredients that are described below.

The coconut waters

The coconut has always been characterized as an exotic fruit, and with a divine flavor on the palate.

On the other hand, it is the number one fruit for healthy diets, for its incredible properties and for being an excellent remedy to help us lose weight.

It is rich in minerals and very low in calories, which is why it regulates metabolism and purifies the body.

If you have problems with blood sugar levels, you can combine it with lemon, to keep control of the times when you want to eat something sweet.

Take it on an empty stomach, so you will start the day with energy, feeling satiated and in turn, you will activate the purifying system. It is a healthy option to not get carried away by cravings.


In recent years, celery has become very common in drinks and shakes to lose weight. This vegetable eliminates excess fluid accumulated in our abdomen and legs.

Consuming celery regularly will make us urinate more frequently; however, it is recommended to increase your water consumption throughout the day, always outside of meals.

This vegetable provides a smooth and delicious flavor to drinks, so it goes very well with any ingredient, both sweet and salty.

The lemon

Lemon, one of the favorite fruits, not only for weight loss but also for health.

This citrus fruit acts as a great regulator of our body. It is a great diuretic, it helps us digest fats, it does not give energy and it fights anxiety.

Its soluble fiber content and its high alkalizing power, helps control anxiety attacks, just take a little water with lemon to eliminate a bad thought.

Do not wait any longer, go to the supermarket and prepare this delicious refreshing drink, because of its flavor and effects it will make you addicted to its consumption.


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