Black tea is an effective drink for weight loss

Catechins and caffeine, substances present in black tea are those that increase energy expenditure and the calories that are burned, thus helping to lose weight.

Black tea is an effective drink for weight loss

Green tea has long been a favorite of all teas. Scientific studies have shown that green tea helps you lose weight  among many other benefits.

But now black tea, which is made from the same plant except that it sits longer and oxidizes before drying, is being considered potential for weight loss, according to a new UCLA study. A review of studies has found that people who drink tea regularly have slimmer waists.

After searching through various studies and meta-analyzes on the effects that green, white, and oolong teas have on body weight, Dutch researchers discovered that natural tea ingredients such as catechins and caffeine help increase energy expenditure. of a person, or the calories that are burned. The compounds also increase fat oxidation (fat breakdown) in the body.

Tea is an accessible drink to include in the reducing diet

The flavonoids present in black tea can prevent obesity which is stimulated by inflammation and lowering triglyceride levels and visceral fats.

The calories in black tea are almost negligible (about 2 calories per cup). It also has zero percent saturated fat and cholesterol.

The number of calories in tea is related to other products added to it, such as sugar, honey, or milk. The best way to drink black tea is just by infusing it in water for the best weight loss benefits.

Black tea: good for the intestine

Not to mention, black tea is very good for the gut. Science is continually showing how certain foods can increase good and bad bacteria or intestinal flora, and drinking black tea achieves the former by helping in weight loss.

Black tea also improves mood

Consider this: Drinking a cup or two of black tea a day has been shown to improve moodalertness, and reduce the risk of several diseases, including cancer, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

And no, it doesn’t matter what kind of tea you drink. „Diversity makes a difference,“ he says. „It’s a bit of an adventure to go out and find a tea you want.“

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