5 effective habits to avoid regaining the weight that has been lost

As soon as you lose weight, you can quickly understand that it is not a process that is only linked to the physical but also has an impact on the mental health of those who live it, thus preventing some diseases.

Being immersed in the current rhythm of life it is possible that we lose weight with a diet, but that we are immediately exposed to the temptation to regain those kilos that we have already lost.

In that sense, we invite you to know some recommendations to lose weight and not regain that weight, as sometimes happens with some people.

Habits or tricks to lose weight and keep it off

You must take into account all these points mentioned so as not to regain the weight that has been lost, in this way you can maintain the ideal weight without extra effort.

1. About carbohydrate intake

They are found in most foods, either to a greater or lesser extent. It is important that we regulate carbohydrate intake, so use the glycemic index charts to guide you in choosing the most appropriate foods.

You can learn more about the low-carbohydrate diet , which is essential for people with diabetes, and can be of great help in alleviating many other conditions, as well as being effective in maintaining ideal weight.

2. Don’t use the „miracle diet“

If they talk to you about the possibility of losing several kilos in a few days and without suffering or effort, it is best that you think about it a little more. These types of diets generally offer temporary results that are reversed in a short time by the so-called rebound effect. See studies and research on the so-called „Media Diets.“

3. Eat more healthy fats

It is not necessary to eliminate fats from a diet but to know how to choose them. In that sense, opt for the essential fatty acids that your body needs, such as omega 3. We invite you to read more information on our website about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and why you need to add them to your diet. , even if you want to lose weight, and it will even help you keep it off.

4. Don’t stop moving your body

Every day you should do some exercise to stimulate your body. A walk of about 30 minutes will be more than enough, although of course, other types of activities are equally valid. however, walking has been shown to be highly beneficial in achieving weight loss or maintaining the ideal weight.

5. A good breakfast

No matter that you are in a hurry in the morning, it is key that breakfast is as healthy as possible for your body. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that according to the type of preparation you do, your body will benefit or not. For this reason, having just coffee or tea is a bad decision, so cook a full breakfast.

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